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The Journal of Multimodal Rhetorics

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Inside THIS Issue

JOMR Vol. 2, No. 2

Rhetoric in/and Everyday Media  


A multicolored representation of a rhizomatic network.


Matthew A. Vetter, John Andelfinger, Shahla Asadolahi, Wenqi Cui, Jialei Jiang, Tyrone Jones, Zeeshan F. Siddique, Inggrit O. Tanasale, Awouignandji Ebenezer Ylonfoun, and Jiawei Xing on Wikipedia's gender gap; Ana Roncero-Bellido on the spatial rhetorics of ethnic food aisles; Ben Harley with a sonic essay on the intimacy of sound; Romeo Garcia on settler colonial myths and corrido counterstories; Ryan P. Shepherd on Facebook multimodal skills and learning transfer; Megan McIntyre on visual media's participation in meaning-making networks in the Boston Marathon's aftermath; Scott Lunsford with a video essay about children at play and early literacies; Ben Wetherbee on dystopic spaces in sci-fi films; and Dan Martin on structure and form in multimodal pedagogy.




Dialogues and Demonstrations

Gregory Zobel interviews the educator-author-musician Michelle Cruz Gonzales, founding member of the punk band Spitboy; and Anushka Peres shows how photography informs theories of multimodal eco-relational queerness.









Luhui Whitebear reviews Back to the Blanket: Recovered Rhetorics and Literacies in American Indian Studies by Kimberly G. Wieser, and Les Hutchinson reviews Racial Shorthand: Coded Discrimination Contested in Social Media, an open source online collection edited by Cruz Medina and Octavio Pimentel. 




Meet the Contributors

This page offers bios of the composers whose work is featured in JOMR Issue 2.2.

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